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Terms and Conditions

It’s of most importance that you read and understand what the package you have requested consist off and that you ask all the questions you might have to your assigned team member and make special instructions clear (if any). We are not responsible for any miscommunication or wrongful comparisons with other detailing companies.


Our team strives to run on schedule for each client, any time consuming extra instruction, might be subject to extra charge. Add ons can only be requested at the time of booking. 


You’re responsible for any damage you might be unaware of, prior our detail, as damage can easily be hidden under the layers of dirt, sap/tar/droppings, or under wax coats applied incorrectly (swirl marks made from polisher and hidden by wax applied by other companies).

We are not responsible for any “restored” areas that might show damage after our work, that you didn’t make us aware of, such as restored leather seats that can’t be cleaned or condition due the the prior “restoration”. 


By submitting your deposit you’re  agreeing to the terms and conditions above. 

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